Mystery Pickup Artist

Mystery Pickup Artist

This video with Mystery PUA, the world famous Pick Up Artist is pulled from the groundbreaking video course The Mind of Mystery. It includes an actual Playboy model and Mystery, aka Erik Von Markovic, explaining indicators of interest (IOIs). These are subconscious attraction signals that are hard wired into the human brain. It turns out that one of the key skills in being a PUA (Pick up artist) is being able to read these hard wired responses and calibrate your actions based on it.

Mystery and I put together the Mind of Mystery, which we also called Mystery’s Magnum Opus, to expose both the training that Mystery had taken a lifetime to invent and hone…and also to allow viewers to soak in Mystery’s deeper assumptions because it’s just so valuable to be able to see every detail in how Mystery makes moves, his tonality, his facial expressions and even the spacing of his words and actions.

Mystery’s top students like Kosmo and Neil Strauss were a big part of us putting this together. The Game Neil Strauss is one of the books that everyone in the PUA community LOVES to read and it created a flash point of interest surrounding things with Mystery.

We’re so proud to share this short but impactful youtube clip with the YouTube community because it shows off the venusian arts at their best and Mystery’s terrific energy.

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23 thoughts on “Mystery Pickup Artist

  1. MrHav1k

    None of that means anything. Its a fact of evolution that women screen out men based on LOOKS MONEY AND STATUS. Confidence doesn’t mean anything and neither do the rest of your mental masturbation tactics. Act like you don’t need them? Lmfao. Only deluded blue pill retards believe that shit. Its LOOKS MONEY AND STATUS.

  2. romans52345

    The reason why Beautiful Women do not like Nice Guys is because Nice Guys show them everything they wish was not true about themselves,

  3. DavePazz

    also because nice guys who are well-mannered and even tempered lack excitement. Women get turned on by guy who are sometimes over passionate. It signals to them the guy is willing to break the rules and that’s exciting for them.

  4. romans52345

    Nope Nice Guys expose them for what they are and they realize they could never be as kind as loving as him and therefore they are turned off..

  5. romans52345

    Another thing I have a Problem with is when they say Attraction for a Woman is not a Choice she cannot choose who she has feelings for well neither can Men. It is like PUA’S are telling us we have to control our feelings while women don’t have too..

  6. DavePazz

    Life is full of ironies…

    Men definitely have to control feelings and urges IF the goal is to be a successful pickup artist because women don’t consider the “easy to get” man to be valuable, and if a guy just goes with his feelings and declares he’s attracted very quickly, she’ll assume he’d be that way with anyone.

    Remember: women of value don’t go with guys out of a sense of charity or practicality. She has choices after all.

  7. DavePazz

    What you’re talking about is just basic incompatibility of personalities then…

    a woman’s upbringing and experience are big factors… if she only has experience with guys who are not so nice, she’ll assume that’s the normal standard OR she’s perfectly ok with not-so-nice and a guy who seems overly good-mannered will come across as weird.

  8. romans52345

    That is the Problem that all can be linked back to Feminism and how Women have too many rights and hold all the cards in every situation.. Men Have No Choices…

  9. Rebecca Green

    I am sure you are all interested to learn how to pickup girls. I say get a Lamborghini or learn from the expert!!! I am here to guide you where to find this expert but first, you’ve got to prove you are worthy. If you can’t complete a simple task then forget it! If you are serious then go here –> bit.ly15h4dTJ

  10. romans52345

    4 Qualities of a High Value Man:

    1: Pre Selective by Women: Women are fuckin Idiots

    2. Leader of Man: History Proves Mankind has had Many Defective Leaders

    3. Protector of Loved Ones: I wouldn’t Trust My Family as Far as i’d Throw em

    4: Willing to Emote: If a 6’5 Bodybuilder steps on my toe I’m not saying a Word

    There goes My High Value

  11. Om Mehta

    I read all the posts. I think this is a great clip. My older brother wants to get astonishing with the hottest girls. He began to understand a shit load from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The guidance relating to seducing chicks at nightclubs in the emails coming from that website helped get got him his very first fucks in a number of yrs. I got pissed however coz I heard them all.

  12. romans52345

    4:52-4:59 The Famous Awkward silence that many men with low social value Experience, One of The Greatest PUA’S in the World is experiencing it??? WHAT’S THE WORLD COMING TOO???

  13. Pitt Boot

    The target on the left is still responding to his theory even tho she doesn’t really like him but she can’t stand his attraction. This is the art of Pick up 😀

  14. SAM UK

    yeah youtube videos do make it simple to mac fat chicks but if you want to score babes you have to have game or youll get ignored have a look at the clip on PUA66.COM

    Les passantes : Je veux dédier ce poème A toutes les femmes qu’on aime Pendant quelques instants secrets A celles qu’on connait à peine Qu’un destin différent entraine Et qu’on ne

  15. Jennifer Lewitz

    Show ur confidence! Women like guys who’re confident & principled.
    Learn how to show ur confidence (even if u’re not) from this technique called COMPLETE PLAYBOY TRICKS.
    I was against it to be spread to the world, because it really figures out women completely.. After u learned it, u will be able to read women like a book.
    But on second thought, this techniques might be the answer to any relationship problem! If both r happy, why not?
    Good luck trying!


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